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A totally typical conversation between Olivia and Bryan, overheard early this morning…

Olivia: “Hey Dad, do you remember when I throwed up all over Mom’s car, Dad?”

Bryan: “Yes, I do.”

Olivia: “Hey Dad, I just farted, Dad.”

Bryan: “I heard you. Hold still, please. There’s something blue in your ear.”

Olivia: “That’s paint, Dad. I have blue paint in my ear, Dad.”

Bryan: “I see that, Liv.”

Ava Fix

Domino potatoes

These square potatoes were surprisingly easy to make (with the help of a mandolin, at least). And, thanks to copious amounts of butter, they browned quite nicely.

A day in the life

Here’s Ava, standing on her head, holding her breath, waiting for me to give in. I didn’t give in; she didn’t pass out. Pretty sure I won.


Why fall is my favorite season

This month’s issue of Bon Appetit is filled with recipes I can’t wait to try—and six I already have. I love cooking this time of year. In fact, all I really want to do is cook and eat, and then cook more. And, as long as I’m wishing, I’d like it to be Friday, too—more time for cooking.

Alas, it’s Wednesday, and I’m avoiding sugar and starch. So, in the meantime, let me share a recipe I made this weekend: Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin with Roasted Apples.

I bought a huge pork loin and butchered and butterflied it myself. It resulted in two good-sized roasts and six thick pork chops. I’d highly recommend this recipe, though please note it took far, FAR less than the recommended two hours to come to temperature. Even though it was a bit overdone, it was still moist thanks to the stuffing and prosciutto.

As soon as the other recipes are online, I’ll share them as well!


I took the girls on a hike in a nearby nature park last night. At one point, Olivia spotted a large nest, high in the trees…

Me: “What kind of bird do you think lives in that nest?”

Ava: “Eagles?”

Olivia: “PARROTS.”

My girls

Perfect for kids AND adults!

When you spill your wine on Mom’s deck twice in two days, your glassware is instantly “upgraded.”

Good morning!

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