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Overhead: Olivia’s own vocabulary

Olivia, to Gramma: “I have four loose teeth, but this one is the loosiest.”

Olivia, to me, regarding my curly hair (which is typically styled by a spin under my diffuser): “Your hair is so tangly. Did you use your destroyer?”

French toast casserole

I love savory egg casseroles, but this recipe for french toast casserole is my absolute favorite breakfast dish. We served it to our family early on Christmas morning, alongside berries, juice and plenty of coffee.

French toast


Bec: “We are going to visit Daddy’s undergraduate advisor at his house, and we need you to be on your very best behavior. He doesn’t have kids, and so it’s really important that you are exceedingly good.”

Ava: “So, basically, you want us to lie about what kids are really like.”

Bec: “Yes, exactly.”

Overheard: Sibling rivalry edition

Bec: “Olivia, you’re one of my most favorite things in this whole world.”

Liv: “More favoriter than Ava?”

A&O fix

In Christmas dresses made by my mom…


Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning