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A day in the life

I arrived home to a frantic scene at 5:15 last night: Ava’s found a package of rat poison in the back yard; the obvious conclusion is that August has eaten it, and he is about to die. Ava and Olivia are hysterical. I’m hysterical. August is lounging in relative oblivion on the kitchen floor.

I call the vet (who we had seen a mere 90 minutes before due to a broken tooth). The vet asks for specifics regarding the poison, then says we have to induce vomiting(!) with hydrogen peroxide. It takes 10 minutes and a knee injury to get two tablespoons in to this 85-pound dog who has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in vomiting, and as a result, will probably have pretty significant trust issues the rest of his puppyhood. I reload the dropper, and leave it on the table as I head up the steps to clean up after him. (Hydrogen peroxide, as it turns out, is quick and effective.)

August pukes twice; I puke once as I comb through it looking for blue/green rat poison pellets. Ava and Olivia are wracked with screaming sobs, and I continue to dry heave. In the midst of everything, Bryan and Owen arrive, and Owen immediately ingests the remaining hydrogen peroxide he found in the dropper on the table. Chaos ensues.

(Everything is fine now; we didn’t find any evidence of pellets, and Bryan believes he put the package under the deck many years ago so it was likely empty anyway. Remarkably, Owen didn’t throw up, and the girls and I eventually calmed down. August seemed confounded about the whole thing.)


This one goes to 11. 

Happy birthday, Ava Kate!  


Smith family fix


Owen fix 



My mom and I took the girls down south (and a bit to the east) for spring break. It was the first time in Nashville for all of us. I, for one, am definitely going back. 


Our first stop was the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ava was disappointed to learn the mission of the “Taylor Swift Education Center” was not to educate museum-goers on the finer points of one T.S., but rather on country music as a whole. 


Ava passed up the opportunity to complete a museum-wide scavenger hunt, only to be shocked to find her studious sister was rewarded with a selection of Taylor trinkets and tour books. 

She did discover a few treasures, though: I found her kneeling in complete silence in front of Taylor’s guitar.  


If you look into the center of this giant guitar, you’ll see Livie Lou. 

We made our way to a little hole in the wall on Printer’s Alley to have dinner and see our first live act. The girls came away with an autographed CD. 

Our primary goal for the day was to see a show at the Bluebird Cafe–this was Ava’s top spot because it was where Taylor was discovered. A long line foiled our attempt, but we did get in for a quick photo and $800 in t-shirts. 


We headed back downtown to Broadway and took advantage of lax age restrictions, checking out the evening act at the Legends Corner (where, I think, Keith Urban was discovered?). I would have stayed all night, but the girls were exhausted because SOMEONE booked a 6 am flight that morning…). 

Day one: Done. More soon!



Owen & August 


Olivia fix 

Piano festival at 10 am this morning… 


Soccer game at 11 am. 



Rebecca, while prying Owen’s hand out of the dog’s mouth (again): “Owen, can you PLEASE leave August alone?”

Owen: “He really wants to snuggle with me!”

Rebecca: “He doesn’t; he’s biting.”

Owen: “He wants to snuggle me with his teeth.”