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Blog break

I’m going to take a break from blogging over the long weekend. I’ll keep the camera handy, though, so please check back on Tuesday!

Shifting seasons

We’ve had such a beautiful, mild summer–and it seems like it’s coming to an early end. After weeks of temperatures in the 80s, we hit the low 90s yesterday. Still, though, all signs point to fall–my very favorite season. I can’t wait!

“Look, Mom”

“I found your wipstick.”

The best doctor’s advice ever

I took Olivia in for her nine month well baby check this morning. She weighed in at 22 pounds and 12 ounces, putting her in the 98th percentile. She was 29 inches long, which is the 96th percentile, so at least she’s proportionate!

Our doctor was surprised to hear that she’s still waking up twice at night to eat. She suggested that perhaps she was just nursing for comfort, as she was to a point where she should be able to go quite a few hours without eating. With this in mind, she said that I should avoid getting up with her, and instead, have Bryan offer her a cup of thawed milk. Eventually, she’ll decide that since she’s not getting what she really wants, it won’t be worth getting up.

Obviously, I think this is fantastic. I’m sure my already sleep-deprived husband believes I cooked this scheme up on my own. In fact, I joked about needing a signed affidavit to prove this was legitimate.

In reality, though, I probably won’t go through with this plan. Eventually, she’ll figure it out, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put Ava back in bed for the 47th time.


Me: Why does Olivia want you to hold her all the time?

Bry (tossing the baby in the air, literally): Because I do cool stuff.

Me: Really? Do you lactate?

Hats off

Let’s hope Olivia doesn’t inherit her father’s hat hair.

Big (girl) news

Guess who has a “real” big girl bed?

Despite the fact Ava hasn’t spent a night in her own room in weeks, we lugged a queen-size bed up from the basement and set it up for her. She was VERY excited and decided that she could fit a lot more of her babies into this bed. (All of them, in fact.)

We started taking Ava to a chiropractor for sleep issues a few months ago, and while I’m not sure it’s doing anything, it feels good to be proactive. We’ve also increased her magnesium intake, which again, is probably fruitless. Still, though, she’s been sleeping on the couch in our room, and not spread-eagle between us, so we’ll count that as an improvement.

It’s only 9 pm, but I can report that she’s asleep in that new bed. At least for now…

Another Olivia Fix

Some of these shots are a little soft, but subject is pretty sweet.

Live blogging…

A Saturday morning storm. Looks like we might need to cut out walk short!

Olivia (and Bryan!) Fix

We found a huge tomato growing in the center of the vine. We noticed it was about the size of Olivia’s head!

She was not intimidated.