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Happy birthday, Bry!

Bryan celebrated 39 a few weeks ago with the traditional breakfast sandwich and hugs from the kids (at least the ones we had in Kansas). His parents came town, too. 

June must just be the best month for Bryan. His birthday, Father’s Day, and–his favorite–our anniversary all fall within about two weeks. This year, we got him what he has always wanted: Nothing. Literally! No gifts. Not even a bottle of bourbon. (This took tremendous restraint on my part.)

The kids did make him some pretty sweet cards, and we put together a little collection at the 39 things we love about him most (Owen’s entries all mentioned Legos…). But otherwise, we abided by his request (this year only). 

I love this guy. 

PS – That’s not our baby. That’s Phoebe, our perfect niece. Bry looks so handsome here, though, doesn’t he?

PPS – Phoebe makes Bryan think we should have another baby, but he’s clearly too old. 

Owen Fix 

Every 20 minutes, Owen asks, “How many days until my birthday?”

We finally decided to take a page from Gramma Great’s play book and create a paper chain. As of today, only nine links left!

Summer sessions 

Ava took part in the KU regional band camp a couple of weeks ago. She and her best friend stayed overnight in the KU dorms all week, participating in practices and classes during the day. She played first trumpet in the concert held in the Lied Center on Thursday afternoon. (All of this makes her mother so proud!)

Ava started summer with four days in Washington DC, and then spent a week in Nebraska for fashion camp. So, three weeks in a row away from home… she’s just beginning to reacclimate to parenting. (Just kidding. She’s fighting us tooth and nail and probably planning a semester abroad.)

The Tooth Fairy’s last first visit 

Our tooth fairy Ember Windwand (…what??) visited Owen for the first time Friday night! He was so excited to find dollar coins nestled in the pillow my mom made him, but he was less than thrilled by the copious amount of silver glitter left behind in his bed. And on his PJs. And in his hair. (Fairies are GLITTERY, kid. Deal with it.) 

Owen had our resident professional by his side the entire time. Olivia helped craft a super cute letter (which included a collection of four leaf clovers, of course). 

One more last “first” for our family…