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Owen Fix 

Every 20 minutes, Owen asks, “How many days until my birthday?”

We finally decided to take a page from Gramma Great’s play book and create a paper chain. As of today, only nine links left!


Owen: “I don’t need a bath!! I just had a bath last week!”

Olivia’s ninth birthday (rocked)

Early this year, Olivia settled on a mineral and gem party for her ninth birthday. I was on board in a big way (80 percent of what I’ve acquired in the last year has been gold, and the rest I’ve spray painted to match).  

We gathered with family in Nebraska over Thanksgiving and then celebrated with three of Olivia’s friends last week. 

At nine, Olivia is sweet and smart. She’s remarkable empathic, always inquiring about my day, and truly listening to my response. She knows just when to deliver a hug or a little love note. 

She’s also driven, and she’s set her sights high. She makes decisions for herself with the certain fact she’s a “pre-president.” (Also, a future mom, a “scientist-doctor,” and artist.) 
Happy day, Liv. I hope nine is your best year yet!


Olivia: “Hey Mom, tonight at football practice, I was doing a handstand into bridge and the boys tried to do it too, and the coach said, ‘Boys, don’t try to do anything Olivia does. You’ll get hurt.'”

(Flag football is “awesome” per Olivia, though she was disappointed to learn there’s no tackling allowed. First game is Sunday!)

A little bit of Minnesota love 

60 years

My amazing grandparents marked their 60th wedding anniversary last week, and to celebrate, their daughters pulled all 21 members of our family together for a weekend on the Platte River in Nebraska. It was truly a great time, and I’m really looking forward to what I think should probably be an annual celebration. Thanks, Mom and Janet, and much love to you, Gramma and Grampa Great!

New Orleans

Thanks to the generosity of Bryan’s sweet parents, I was able to join him in New Orleans for a couple of days following his most recent conference. The weather was warm but wonderful, and we spent the time touring various districts and eating truly amazing food. We even ran into a a famous bartender and dipped our toes in the Mississippi.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

These broiled oysters were among the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I even found a pearl in one.

This is Chris McMillan behind the bar at his new cafe, Revel. He poured us too many rounds of truly remarkable drinks.

I’ve been to a few new places this year–this is one to which I definitely want to return.