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Throwback Thursday

My three little lions from Halloweens past…







Olivia fix

My mom may have given the kids undo credit in her comment on the post below. Here’s why the kids were really raking leaves at Gramma and Grampa Great’s this weekend…



Owen: “I need a time out.”



Ava fix

Ava’s fourth grade music program was earlier this week, and while it competed with the first Royals World Series game, I’d bet it was more entertaining. I can’t say for sure as I was traveling, but these three make me pretty optimistic!


Owen Fix

“Hey, Owen, what are you doing?”

“I cut!”


Snuggle up

Dagny has been under the weather lately, likely due to a tough upper respiratory infection (though the vet cautions it could be something more serious).

She’s lost some weight, and so we are trying to keep her as comfortable as possible as the air turns cooler. She’s quite fond of her new heated bed, which makes me feel at least a bit better for her.

In the meantime, we are hoping for the best as we try a course of medication, supplements and general spoiling.


Owen Fix

It’s not easy to get a good shot of this one lately—he’s usually just a blur in the corner of the frame. But, here he is, pretending to sleep (snores and all!), as he seeks to avoid to a diaper change.


Two remains my very favorite age.

Ava’s Designs

Ava has taken a real interest in design, devoting most of her free time to watching Project Runway and using her little sister as a model for her own constructions.

I asked my mom to show her how to use my old sewing machine when she comes later this month, and the anticipation is almost too much for Ava to handle. If the recent advertisement posted in the kitchen is any indication, she’s planning for some pretty comprehensive lessons.


Overheard: Livie Love

Aunt Katie, to Ava, who had just admitted to watching all of the vlogs created by a boy in her class: “Why did you watch those? Do you have a crush on this kid? Are you old enough to have crushes?”

Ava: “No.”

Livie: “I have a crush.”

Everyone: “What?! Who?”

Livie: “Nathan.”

Rebecca: “Cooper’s going to be devastated.”

Livie: “COOPER is my arch enemy. I said ARCH.”

Katie: “Why do you like Nathan?”

Livie: “Because he looks good.”