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July in Kansas…


Ava Fix


39 weeks

Despite triple-digit heat indices, all is well in what has to be the home stretch. One way or another, there will be a new baby sometime in the next couple of weeks!

A family affair

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary today by taking the kids out to our favorite restaurant. We are looking forward to doing it again, perhaps for our 26th. We’ve had an great year—maybe one of the best, which I suppose is a good way to go about this marriage thing. I am quite fortunate to be wedded to such an incredible guy!


All day Sunday, Olivia asked me to cut the tag from the haunch of a stuffed white rabbit. This isn’t a new find, but this bunny has become increasingly popular with Liv lately—he even joined us at a matinee showing of Brave on Saturday.

Olivia had to remind me of this task a few times over the course of the day, and when I finally obliged, I pulled out the scissors and asked her hand me her bunny. She turned him over to me, shielded her eyes, and yelled:


Thankfully, the bunny made it.

Most favorite parent status

I might not be the parent who buys Lucky Charms (or SERVES IT FOR DINNER…), but I’m not above a bit of pandering with an early pick up and frozen yogurt on a hot summer day.


Ava Fix