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Olivia Fix 


Double trouble 

August gets a bad rap for being bitey, but this weekend I saw Owen pry open the pup’s mouth, insert his hand, and then complain about what happened next. Not sure which of our toddlers is the most challenging…



Ava: “I need a JOB so I can make some money. Like a dog walking business.” 

Bry: “Can’t you learn to day trade or something?”

Owen, to me, in a fit of inexplicable rage: “You’re not my father any more!”

Me: “Owen, I’m your mother.”

Owen: “No, Dad is my mother.” 

Then, later that night: “I love you, actually. You can be my mother.”

Ava fix

With a new (Taylor-inspired) ‘do. 


Happy Valetine’s Day 


Brace yourself 

Olivia has a completely new smile! After many months of braces, she’s celebrating with a bag of previously off-limits candy, provided by the orthodontist (?!…he must get a kickback from the dentist next door). 

The next challenge is to keep hold of a wildly expensive and removable retainer. Bry texted from the appointment: “Dogs love them, apparently.” I suggested ordering a backup immediately.