Kindergarten Roundup 

Hard to know what to say about this little outing today…this one is so big, yet still so small. 

Owen was excited to attend roundup, but when he arrived in the classroom, he was a bit teary and very shy. As luck would have it, he found an old friend in the group.

We split off from the kids and attended our third kindergarten orientation session. When we reunited with Owen, he said he was excited to be in the same school as Olivia – “She’s in the big kids’ room, and I will be little kids’ room.” Not for long, kid. If the past few years are any indication, time will fly. 

August and Owen 

Ava started a cute little Instagram account to document these two boys – check it out at AugustandOwen. Sneak peek below…

Happy Easter! 

After many weekends on the road, we decided to stay at home for Easter. Tom and Katie joined us for brunch, and my dad drove down from Nebraska. Happy Easter to all! 

Owen fix

Owen is four and three-quarters, but he insists he’s really four and five-quarters. Also, he’s not loving having his picture taken these days, and “this frosting is too sweet. And why is it salty?!”

12 and a number of other things 

It’s been A While. Apologies!! Hard to know where to start, but I’ll begin by noting that Ava Kate turned 12 last month. We celebrated in Nebraska (a couple of times!) with grandparents and some pretty sweet cousins. 

At 12, Ava finds us (her parents) to be a bit too intrusive and curious, what with our constant questions (“How was your day?” “What have you been doing in your room for the past five hours?” “Are you hungry?” AWFUL I KNOW.). 

When she does communicate with us, it’s primarily via Snapchat, a social media platform that creates picture and video messages that expire seconds after they land in the receiver’s inbox. Inexplicably, she’s usually photographed staring into space just to the left of her camera lens. (Eye contact is so 2016.) I think, though, in the hierarchy of preteen communication, Snapchat is perhaps a titch above texting, so I’m pretty sure that means she loves us. 

Fortunately, we do know (through an online reporting system, not through conversation) that she’s doing exceptionally well in her classes. She’s also playing the trumpet – the fourth of four generations. She spends as much time as possible with her friends – especially her best friend Sophia. Also, there may or may not have been a boy in the equation this spring. I don’t know. In any event, it’s probably not something I should report on the blog – especially if it involved flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Ava is biding her time, even humoring us every now and then, until she can make her escape to NYC (at 17, she’ll tell you). She keeps busy by rearranging the furniture in her room at least once a week and building a better wardrobe than I will ever own. She’s creative and smart, and enviably funny. She is exceptionally mature and independent, and we enjoy knowing we can trust her with just about anything. We adore her. 

Blog neglect 

I received a message on my phone from WordPress a moment ago, noting that my blog stats were “booming.” Curious, as it’s been about four years since I’ve posted anything. However, I think I found the interested parties…

I do have great content to share! I’ll do it soon. Stay tuned. 

Owen, overheard. 

Regarding takeoff: “The cars look like Hot Wheels and the houses look like doll houses and I love this part. Oh, actually, I’m scared of this part…”

On earworms:  “Mom, my brain is playing rock and roll.”

On danger, generally:  “I had a dream that I had suction cup shoes and I could walk up anything. I want real suction cup shoes.”