Oregon coast

Rebecca: “Kids, when we get to Oregon, it’s going to be too cold to swim.”

Kids: “Ok.”

Rebecca: “No, for real – you might be able to dip your toes in the surf, but it is truly too cold to be in the water.”


Olivia fix 

Rebecca: “Liv, what are you doing?”

Olivia: “When people are mad in books, a tornado appears above their head.”

Rebecca: “What?”


A little bit of Minnesota love 

Smith family road trip 

And, four. 

Somehow, Owen is four. I know–I don’t understand it either, because it seems impossible for time to pass this quickly (and, honestly, it’s a bit cruel). 

We celebrated with a Star Wars party–my first liscensed character party after successfully negotiating otherwise exactly 22 times. (Owen has yet to see Star Wars, but that doesn’t bother him in the least). 

This baby of mine is sweet and funny, spirited and stubborn. He breaks my heart a million times a week with his innocent questions and unrelenting love. He’s easy to adore–it helps that our patience seems to grow exponentially with every passing year. 

He is kind and affectionate, but also boisterous and impatient. He loves “the sisters” and August, and he would follow Bryan to the ends of the earth. It is truly impossible to imagine what our family would be like without him–to imagine what I would be like without him.

I love this kid. 


Me: “Owen, were you a good listener at school today?”

Owen: “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Ava fix 

With a little baby bonus…


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