Blog neglect 

I received a message on my phone from WordPress a moment ago, noting that my blog stats were “booming.” Curious, as it’s been about four years since I’ve posted anything. However, I think I found the interested parties…

I do have great content to share! I’ll do it soon. Stay tuned. 

Owen, overheard. 

Regarding takeoff: “The cars look like Hot Wheels and the houses look like doll houses and I love this part. Oh, actually, I’m scared of this part…”

On earworms:  “Mom, my brain is playing rock and roll.”

On danger, generally:  “I had a dream that I had suction cup shoes and I could walk up anything. I want real suction cup shoes.”

August fix 

Guess who just ate an entire package of Girl Scout cookies…


Sometimes when the girls fight, I make them write letters to each other and then hug. I’m pretty sure it’s working. No one is mad about it at all. Especially not Ava. 

Show and share 

Bryan spent a snowy week in Steamboat for a conference last week.  Everybody missed him, but especially Owen. For show and share at preschool Friday, I sent a photo of Bryan that hangs in our room–it was taken when we were 19, while visiting the Rocky Mountains. Owen LOVES this photo, and he asks frequently when it was taken. 

“Where was I?” You weren’t born yet, remember? “So I was still in your tummy?” No. We didn’t even know about you yet. “But WHERE WAS I?”

In our dreams, kiddo. 

Owen fix

With bonus Ryan and August…

Christmas 2016

We were joined my mom and Dave and Gramma and Grandpa Great for Christmas Eve at our house in Kansas again this year. Santa found the kids, despite a year of rather questionable antics… 

Then, on Christmas morning, we headed north to spend a few days with Bryan’s family.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!