What do you have there?



This one couldn’t wait for school to start. Third grade is going to be awesome. 

A whole new “first day”

Middle school begins for this one–she was more than ready and (as her fifth grade teacher suggested) the transition is easier for Ava than it is for us. 

Here we go…


“Mom, I wasn’t a good listener today, but I will be a good listener tomorrow. Also, I won’t lick the rug anymore.”

Oregon coast 

A few more shots from a trip that now seems way too short.

In the middle 

A first for our first–middle school orientation. Classes begin Wednesday! I love these girls, and I’m glad they are together. Brave, indeed. 

Way out west 

Last Saturday morning, we boarded a flight west–Owen’s first to remember, most likely. 

We connected through Vegas, promptly lost $40, then landed in Portland. 

By the time we hit the Pacific Coast Highway, we’d been at it for 12 hours already. The kids were troopers (and even Bryan hung in there). 

Another four hours on the road landed us at Seal Rock–straight west of Corvallis, right on the ocean. 

It was clear but cold our first night. In the week we were there, we didn’t have a better sunset!


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