Santa knows. 

We ran into Santa in Elmwood a couple of weeks ago. Requests included a new phone, a puppy and a motorized dirt bike. (I’ve sent a letter in follow up.)

Owen fix

Four and a half, somehow. 

Olivia’s ninth birthday (rocked)

Early this year, Olivia settled on a mineral and gem party for her ninth birthday. I was on board in a big way (80 percent of what I’ve acquired in the last year has been gold, and the rest I’ve spray painted to match).  

We gathered with family in Nebraska over Thanksgiving and then celebrated with three of Olivia’s friends last week. 

At nine, Olivia is sweet and smart. She’s remarkable empathic, always inquiring about my day, and truly listening to my response. She knows just when to deliver a hug or a little love note. 

She’s also driven, and she’s set her sights high. She makes decisions for herself with the certain fact she’s a “pre-president.” (Also, a future mom, a “scientist-doctor,” and artist.) 
Happy day, Liv. I hope nine is your best year yet!

Santa Monica 

I had a half day free in LA yesterday, so I took a car up to Santa Monica and walked a few miles south along the shore. I can’t say LA is my favorite spot, but I’ll take the ocean any day. 

Anytime you approach Kansas City from the southwest, you fly right over Lawrence–it’s my favorite sight from the air. I love to come home to this cute little Midwestern town. 

Texas love 

The girls and I spent a few days in San Antonio earlier this month. It was my first time in the city, and their first time in Texas. They were great travel companions (even if they did insist on visiting a wax museum…). 

Even robots need baths 

Happy Halloween!

Gramma’s fall 2016 collection includes Cruella DeVille, Owen the fire chief, and the Queen of Hearts–another triple in the books!

Ava’s black dress is absolutely gorgeous – this will definitely be a staple for this girl in the coming months.  She was afraid her wig made her look a little bit crazy – but I reminded her that her muse was indeed insane.

When Olivia opened her costume, she proclaimed it the best yet. I might have to  agree.

And sweet Owen. When I asked him to smile, he told me “firemens don’t smile.” (Later, when I told him that firemen don’t cry, he said “they do when they are children.”)

This kid LOVES his costume.

Thanks so much, Mom! Happy Halloween, everyone.