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Big sister to be

I just found one of Livie’s “lovies” in the crib–I thought Olivia would be a fantastic big sister, but I never guessed her generosity would reach this level. I hope that holds true once this new baby is born.

Balancing act

We’re trying to balance busy work and life schedules this week, but I do have some photos to share from Memorial Day weekend and a few other happy occasions. The posts may not be frequent, but I’ll do my best in the coming days!

When seven-year-olds Google

The most recent Internet search on the iPad: “Do cats fart?”

Last day of first grade!


I’m attending a conference in Vancouver this week, and while I am very much looking forward to returning home to see Bryan and the girls tomorrow, the trip has been fantastic. The weather is chilly and rainy, but Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few shots I took during a cruise last night.

Thirty-four weeks! (And, Mom, I was wearing flats in this photo…)

A hike up the hill

Every so often, Ava insists on walking to school by herself. It’s a short three blocks, and Bryan usually follows behind her, circling in and out of the neighborhood cul-de-sacs so he can keep an eye on her.

This morning, I offered to watch her make her way up the hill. I got a bit of a later start than Bryan would have liked, and he waited impatiently while watching her from the end of the driveway.

His “There’s a shady looking van–hurry up!” was met with my, “Good god, man, calm down. How do you sleep?”

I have to say, though, as I watched Ava navigate the one and only intersection (four cars seemed to come out of nowhere the moment her foot hit the street!), I felt an remarkable mix of fear and pride. She was extremely cautious, and obviously pleased with her independence.

By the way, there’s just four more days of first grade…

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