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Summer blog break

We’re taking a break this week to indulge in a bit of summer fun. We’ll see you back here after the Fourth. Have a great holiday, everyone!


Olivia Fix

“But Mom, I REALLY WANT to put eye shadow on your eyeballs. Why can’t I!”

Strawberry cheesecake

And a final nod to Bryan’s birthday . . . a  simple strawberry cheesecake. I used the base of this recipe, swapping out the graham crackers in favor of shortbread cookies.

Bryan’s birthday, wrapped up

We celebrated Bryan’s birthday last week with the traditional breakfast sandwich, a stack of presents, and visit from his parents.

When Bryan saw his gifts, he picked them up one by one, shook them, and said, “Shoes, shirt, shorts, shorts, shirt, gift card, and…liquor, but I’m not sure what kind…”

He was right on every count.

Next year, I think I’ll leave them unwrapped!


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads and grandpas in our lives—and special wishes to the one that makes me so happy to be a mom.

Olivia Fix

The other day, I found Olivia dressed in princess garb and singing to the birds outside. I was hoping she’d convince them to come inside and help tidy up, but no such luck.


I golfed nine holes with my friend Tami tonight. We played an executive course in the center of town, and while the game was good, the most interesting part proved to be the wildlife.

We slowed the rate of play considerably by spending a good five minutes watching a Barred Owl, then we did a double-take on the ninth tee: A bobcat made it’s way across the fairway in front of us.

It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like this in the wild, and it was incredible. And right in the middle of the city, no less!

I’m always on the look out for one of the reported mountain lions that live in the area. Maybe that will come next!

Do you have sightings to share?

Overheard: All about eyeballs

Olivia has a new obsession of late. See below.

Bec: “Let’s try really hard to have a good morning. No screaming, no crying, no fits.”

Olivia: “And no poking each other in the eyeballs.”

Bec: “Right, especially that . . .”

Bec: “I love your cute little nose, and I love your your scraped knees and I love the dimples where your knuckles should be.”

Olivia, prying her eyelids as wide as they will go (which is surprisingly, and somewhat alarmingly, wide): “Do you love . . . MY EYEBALLS?!”


Rite of passage

Ava has been pleading with me for months to have a lemonade stand–literally, she started asking about it when there was still snow on the ground. She even worked hard at school to figure out the mechanics of making change. (I suggested she charge 32 cents a cup to keep things interesting.)

By Memorial Day weekend, she seemed ready to take on the task, and so we helped her set up a stand at Mom’s garage sale. She made a cool $3.25 (including tips) for her efforts.

Look for Girl Scout cookie or mutual fund sales next.

My Guy

Join me in wishing him a very happy birthday. He deserves it!