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Livie: “Why do leaves change from green to red and gold in the fall?”

Rebecca: “That’s a great question for your dad.”

Livie: “I already asked him.”

Rebecca: “Really! What did he say?”

Livie: “He said it was a good question for you.”

NYC obsession 

There was one real draw to New York City, and that was the siren song of the Statue of Liberty. She’s been the focus of a number of school projects for Olivia – and was a downright obsession of hers by the time I visited the East Coast earlier this year. During the LaGuardia approach on that trip, I sent Olivia a photo – Lady Liberty was but a speck in the middle of the image, yet Olivia was transfixed. That sealed the deal in my mind – a trip was not only warranted, it was essentially required. While we were unable to secure tickets for the crown (as it is currently under repair), we did book pedestal tickets – worth every penny and then some. It also represented a first for me and Katie, as well as the girls.

Weekend work 


Welcome to New York

The girls and I headed east for fall break for a long weekend in New York City. Aunt Katie joined us, too!

We began our Friday with a visit to Central Park, which was gorgeous and a bit more green than I expected for this time of year. 

Next stop was the Museum of Natural History, which the girls know and love because of the “Night at the Museum” movie. 

Ben Stiller was nowhere in site, but they did find this guy, and promptly offered him a piece of gum (it was quietly declined).   
As I suspected, Olivia loved the mineral and gem exhibits, suggesting the quartz below would make a good souvenir. 

After the museum, we headed to Midtown to see the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum for Ava, then we wandered through the Garmet District. The girls noticed this store, filled with thousands of zippers,and they insisted we send a photo to Gramma. She was appropriately impressed.    
Next up, Mood, the fabric store of choice for Project Runway. We came away with black and white polka-dot swimsuit fabric, earmarked for a retro bikini project. 

That night, we took the subway and met a friend of mine in Brooklyn for the best pizza I’ve ever had (the Dangerfield!), as well as for a donut Katie couldn’t stop talking about the rest of the weekend.

In all, a great first day. More soon!

Olivia Fix

The Bornemeier is strong in this one. Could she look any more like my mother? 

Lucky girl.  


Owen fix 

“Dad. Dad! I need you to come home. My flashlight is out of batteries.”


Pumpkin patch 2015