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Overheard: Weekend edition

Ava: “I’d really like to be president, but I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Olivia, who is certain her career path will lead to the Oval Office: “WHAT? You don’t want be president with your OWN SISTER?”

Ava: “If I were president, I would change the week to be two days long, and the weekend to be five days long, and that just probably wouldn’t work out so well.”

Milestone day for Team Smith

When Ava asked to have her ears pierced when she was barely six, I agreed immediately. Her father, on the other hand, insisted she wait until she was seven. As it worked out (due to party schedules and spring break), she was actually still six—she had her ears pierced on St. Patrick’s Day, just before her birthday. So, after listening to Olivia grouse for two years about having to WAIT SO LONG for her own piercing, I told her that she just needed to wait until the St. Patrick’s day before her seventh birthday. (Ava, of course, takes issue with this technicality).

However (due to party schedules and spring break), it wasn’t until this weekend that we made the trip downtown to Claire’s. Olivia was excited, but obviously so nervous. I told her several times she didn’t have to go through with it, but she insisted. Ava was much help, assuring her it wouldn’t hurt but for a second.

photo 1


The process only took a few minutes, but something makes me think it felt much longer than for poor Livie Lou.

photo 2


Good thing two piercers worked simultaneously—given how she winced, I’m not sure she would have made it through the second ear.

photo 3


She reported, “That hurt a lot more than it was supposed to.”

photo 4


But a split second later, all smiles.

photo 5

Owen fix

I had the opportunity to take Owen to daycare today, so instead of the standard trapper hat his dad usually selects, I went with the decidedly cuter ladybug option.


Brushing up

Many years ago (perhapsĀ 10? 11?), I enrolled in a National Weather Service training class for severe storm spotting. It’s served me well, but it’s been far too long. So, Tom and I attended a shorter class here in town on Tuesday night. The official training has moved online, and Tom’s already successfully completed the module. I hope to retake the test this weekend.

Also on my task list: becoming more familiar with Kansas geography. Though we’ve lived her for almost eight years, I don’t even think I can name all of the surrounding counties.

Hoping for an interesting but safe storm season–there’s a lot of open prairie out here!


Happy ninth birthday, Ava Kate!

Born on a cold and snowy morning in Wisconsin, our firstborn spent five days in the NICU as she recovered from a hole in her lung. She hasn’t let us rest since, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our determined, smart little girl has made sure the past nine years have been filled with sleepless nights, challenging days and endless amounts of laughter.

Thanks, sweet Ava Kate, for teaching us how to be parents. We love you so much.




















Rebecca: “Is this a hoarfrost? What exactly IS a hoarfrost?”

Tom: “It’s a frost with loose morals.”


Overheard: “Outside,” always and forever

Owen, every two minutes: “Outschide? Outschide? Outschide? Outschide!”