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Memorial Day

Indigo Bunting

We’ve had a number of new birds to the backyard this spring, capped off by this Indigo Bunting from a few days ago. We saw him several times before I could snag this photo.

This blog is suffering from a clear case of neglect, but I promise to get my act together following the holiday. Enjoy the long weekend!

Mile High Sky

Bryan and I had the opportunity to visit Denver last weekend, thanks to a conference, a good friend and generous grandparents. More soon!

Ava Fix

It’s Olivia, by a nose

Despite a rather uneventful string of years, my heart still skips a beat when I see the daycare provider’s name on my caller ID. Usually, it’s the result of a slight fever or some errant vomit—nothing major, ever.

Today, though, Olivia’s daycare provider gave me quite a start: She called at 4 pm to say, “I just don’t want you to be alarmed when you first see Olivia this afternoon…”

My mind was racing. I immediately reasoned it couldn’t be that bad—she wasn’t asking me to meet her in the emergency room. She was just preparing me for a slight, but unfortunately located, scrape.

Apparently, Olivia managed to scrape her entire nose. She covered all 180 degrees, in one solid scratch that missed her lips and continued under her chin.

Olivia was upset about the injury, but to add insult, blood kept leaking on to her lovey. As you probably guessed, she had it held to her nose to comfort herself.

By the time I arrived to pick her up, she was playing happily. Thanks to the heads-up I had received, my reaction was just laughter.

Only a daughter of mine could accomplish such a feat.

The light is pretty forgiving lighting here, and so it doesn’t look too bad. Still, she has a few days of Neosporin ahead of her. I don’t think a Dora Band-Aid will work this time, though.

Ticklish toes

Not everyone laments rainy days

Olivia told most everyone she saw this weekend, “I jumped in the mud!”

A bowl of blooms

Last year, I planted 15 or so containers…most of which suffered from a combination of heat and neglect. This year, I settled for one bowl of Purple Wave Petunias. I hope they make it!


Just in time for Thirsty Thursday, a recipe for Rhubarbritas. My friend Chuck brought this to my attention, and I made a batch this weekend. The original recipe is from The Splendid Table on NPR. It was interesting, but very sweet. I used the rhubarb syrup the next day to make Rhubarbtinis—two parts vodka, one part syrup and one part lemon juice. Delicious!

Proof positive!

A new report explains why I have an irrepressible urge to call my mom every time something goes wrong…

Mother’s phone call as comforting as a hug, says oxytocin study

Children know that mum’s got the words when life seems to be getting too much.

Now it seems her voice on the phone can work the same soothing magic as when she is there to give her offspring a comforting cuddle. US scientists believe hearing mother down the line produces the same stress-busting effect on her daughter as physical contact such as a hug or a loving arm round the shoulder.