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Asked and answered

Rebecca: “Were you kind to your friends today?”

Owen: “It was MY green truck! I left it in the kitchen! IT WAS MINE.”

Owen Fix

Owen recognized a book from his own shelf at the book fair last week, and I cannot stop looking at this photo. Join me, will you?

Overheard: Negotiation

Rebecca: “Time for bed!”

Owen: “No! I don’t want to go to bed. I go downstairs.”

Rebecca: “Nope!”

Owen: “I go downstairs and sit on the couch. I watch tee-bee.”

Rebecca: “Sorry, babe.”

Owen: “I go downstairs and sit on the couch and snuggle you, mama…”


Rebecca: “I’m really lucky to be your mom, Liv.”

Olivia: “Um, yeah. I know.”


Owen Fix

Another, for good measure.


Owen Fix

Time to move the stash of clean blankets a little bit higher…


Four generations on Little Birch

It’s Throwback Thursday, and while this isn’t throwin’ it back very far, let me share one of the highlights of our trip to Minnesota last summer: the annual Ward Springs Fourth of July Parade. This year, for the first time, we were IN the parade, instead of on the sidelines.

The people and places in these photos are among my very favorite, and they make my heart swell. Thanks, Mom and Gramma and Grampa Great, for another trip I’ll never forget. I love you!


IMG_9590 IMG_9562 IMG_9572

IMG_9581 IMG_9599

IMG_9633 IMG_9628 IMG_9619 IMG_9612

IMG_9642 IMG_9651

Wishing and hoping (…and rationalizing)

I found this on Ava’s desk. No telling what it’s intended for…I’m sure we will find out.


Valentine’s prep: Underway



Olivia: “I love my quartz. Isn’t it amazing how the smallest gifts are better than Ava’s?”

Rebecca: “I think you mean, ‘good things come in small packages.'”

Olivia: “No I don’t. I mean my things are better than Ava’s.”