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Missing: Sleeping Bunny, beloved stuffed animal 

Last seen: Yesterday at 1 PM 

Primary suspect: 


Owen fix 

Someone forgot their glasses when they left for their business trip… Don’t worry, Daddy. They are totally safe!




“Look, Mommy! All my planes are holding hands!”


And summer starts

The girls wrapped up a great school year today. First and fourth grades are in the books! 



And since it’s Thursday, here’s a throwback to the beginning of the year – just nine months ago.

What do you think – do they look older and wiser?

Summer camps – gymnastics, art, STEM/science, and music – begin next week. Piano and gymnastics classes continue, but it should be a relatively low key season (for those not yet old enough to drive…).

Out of doors 

Owen: “There’s a bird on the fence, Mommy – look!”

Rebecca: “That’s a female cardinal.”

Owen: “I want to hold it.”

Rebecca: “That’s not a great plan.”

Owen: “It will bite me?”

Rebecca: “No, you will scare her.”

Owen, in the general direction of that poor cardinal: “RAAARRRWWW!”

Ava fix

Earlier this month, Ava and her friend Sophia completed the last of four volleyball camps at a local college. I was surprised to learn “Nebraska roll” isn’t a universal term, and equally surprised to learn they teach this maneuver quite so early! The girls were no worse for the wear. 


Olivia fix

Olivia partcipated in a bridging ceremony for Girl Scout today–she transitioned from a Daisy to a Brownie, along with several sweet friends.