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Owen: “It’s no fair that Dad gets to say ‘damn it.'”

Owen, overheard. 

Regarding takeoff: “The cars look like Hot Wheels and the houses look like doll houses and I love this part. Oh, actually, I’m scared of this part…”

On earworms:  “Mom, my brain is playing rock and roll.”

On danger, generally:  “I had a dream that I had suction cup shoes and I could walk up anything. I want real suction cup shoes.”


“Hey mom, does this match?”

What do you have there?



“Mom, I wasn’t a good listener today, but I will be a good listener tomorrow. Also, I won’t lick the rug anymore.”

Olivia fix 

Rebecca: “Liv, what are you doing?”

Olivia: “When people are mad in books, a tornado appears above their head.”

Rebecca: “What?”



Me: “Owen, were you a good listener at school today?”

Owen: “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”