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Throwback Thursday

Here’s a sweet little photo Doug shot during the Christmas holiday in 2008.


For comparison’s sake, here are Ava and Olivia handing out programs at my cousin’s wedding last weekend.


Overheard: Owen edition

Nearly every time he sees Bryan: “Hi, buddy!”

During thunderstorms (which prompt tight snuggles): “Noise! Outside! Rain!”

Counting: “One, free, free, five, free, free, one.”

In response to hearing his name called (and this is definitely the fault of his sisters): “WHAT?”

When he wants to see a photo we just took of him: “Where cheese?”

While heading toward you with a chair that will allow him access to something he’s not supposed to have: “E’cuse me, peas!”

When requesting a banana (or two) in the morning: “Mah-nah-min-na, mah-nah-min-na.”

At least three times a day: “I poop.” (Standard response: “Great! Go find Daddy!”)

Owen at the park

Big and brave last Thursday afternoon…






Motherhood 101: Parenting the eldest child


Last day!

Final day photos lack the finesse shown on the first day…


Member of the year

School comes to an end on Thursday, and the week is filled with events and celebrations to cap a successful year. Today, the entire elementary school gathered for the annual spring assembly.

Bryan, Tom and I were on hand, having received some advance notice of Olivia’s achievement—kindergarten member of the year in her after school program. Despite winning member of the week a record-breaking number of times, I think she was still pretty surprised!

The program coordinator read a few lovely remarks about her, noting her sense of humor, positive attitude and relentless love the monkey bars (with the blisters to show for it).

Congrats, Livie Lou Who!


There’s Olivia entering the stage on the left.


A high-five from the program director…


And a hug (and a $50 gift card!) from Principal Tann.






Livie Lou Who Fix

photo 3

This little monkey has some big news coming on Tuesday–it’s a surprise even to her! More to share soon…