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Carving pumpkins with Dad

Bryan snapped these photos as the girls carved their pumpkins Monday night. We’re looking forward to costumes, trick-or-treating and several fun events today. More photos to come!


Mustache Monday

It’s spirit week at Ava’s school, and so she’s sporting a rather serious ‘stache.

It’s not spirit week at Olivia’s school, but that didn’t stop her this morning.

The day the Tooth Fairy moved in

A few weeks ago, Olivia came tearing downstairs, completely tripping over her limbs and words, frantic to tell us what she had just discovered in her room:

She wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but she loved my hypothesis: The Tooth Fairy was visiting so frequently, she needed to install her own special entrance.

While Ava stood by, arms crossed and a very skeptical look on her face, Olivia engaged me in what is most certainly one of my very favorite parenting moments to date. Her excitement was beyond measure, and she was immediately convinced that the Tooth Fairy was now living permanently within the walls of our house.

While Ava checked the exterior of our home for a like entrance on the outside, Olivia phoned Bryan (who was away on a trip for work). She could hardly get the words out, and I imagine it was quite a struggle for Bryan to understand exactly what was going on.

Both girls decided to take a closer look, peering into the tiny keyhole, hoping to find a few clues.

Ava wasn’t sure if it really was the work of the Tooth Fairy, or if instead I was responsible for this new addition. I told her that magic is all around us, and she just needed to embrace the fact that we were the happy recipients of something truly amazing.

She tested this theory by leaving a note for the Tooth Fairy by the door, instructing her as to the location of her recently lost tooth. She reasoned that if the Tooth Fairy found the note, and then found the tooth, she had indeed made use of this new entrance.

The following morning, coins were in place of the tooth, the note was gone, and there was a sprinkling of fairy dust on the the threshold of the door.

Ava was convinced.

Olivia Fix


Overheard: Sunday drive edition

Rebecca: “You know, it’s not often we just drive for the sake of driving. Pay attention and enjoy the scenery. Mommy and Dad used to do this all the time when we were kids.”

Ava: “Really? Why?”

Bryan: “Because we didn’t have the Internet.”

Ava: “This is really bad for the environment.”

Olivia: “And it’s boring.”

The Original

This is Doug’s baby photo, taken at what had to be close to the three or four month mark. See any resemblance to my new baby? I do!

Sunny Saturday at the pumpkin patch

Doug snapped this photo of me and Owen at the pumpkin patch during their visit this weekend.

Dougie Fresh Fix

Owen, the child of many interesting nicknames, is becoming quite vocal. Recently, he’s added a few new sounds, including Ms and Bs and maybe even an L here and there. Of course, his favorite is still ZZZzzzzzz . . .



Surprising Gramma Great

My mom and grandpa conspired to surprise Gramma Great for her birthday this weekend, and we had the opportunity to participate by surreptitiously showing up on her doorstep Saturday morning. I think it’s safe to say she was caught off guard, though of course welcomed a sudden houseful of family members with open arms. We are so incredibly fortunate to know such a truly kind and generous woman, and we love her with all our hearts.


Overheard: Happy Birthday, Gramma Great!

Ava: “Wait, what? Gramma Great is HOW OLD? She looks like she’s 54.”