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Four is the new two

Things by which Olivia has been upset, in the last three days alone:

  • Her shadow (it wouldn’t stop following her).
  • The fact that she hates “ALL OF HER CLOTHES. EVERY SINGLE THING.”
  • My inability to tell how to count to “several.”
  • Sleeping through the Jupiter viewing, which “WILL ONLY HAPPEN NEVER AGAIN.”


Over the past few nights, the moon, Jupiter and Venus have aligned in the same “binocular field.” It’s a rather amazing site, visible as soon as darkness falls. Last night, Bryan set up the telescope, and we found we could see all four of Jupiter’s main moons.

The view of our moon was pretty spectacular, too. Here’s an image Bryan captured through the scope with his iPhone camera.


Olivia: “I have a good remembery.”

Red letter day

As I walked past the calendar earlier this week, I noticed someone had added an item for next Monday…

Ava’s classroom earned their “Happy People” award, which I believe entails adding something to a jar every time a class member does…something happy? I need to figure out the details, but the bottom line is that the class voted for a “bring your parents to school” day for their collective reward. The teacher quickly noted a 20-30 minute visit would be sufficient. And here I was looking so forward to PE class…

Lazy Sunday

Valentine’s Day sweets for my sweeties


Ava: “I am going to start a new morning routine. I’m going to get up when you and Dad get up. I’m going to get dressed really fast. Then, I’m going to work out for a bit, have some breakfast and then read the paper. Maybe have a cup of decaf coffee. We do have decaf, right?”