On new labels

Bryan made mention of “his son” last night, and I noted we’d have all kinds of new phrases to throw around after this baby’s born. I told him that I still remembered how remarkable it was the first time I said, “I’m Ava’s mom,” as I walked into the NICU the day after she was born.

Bryan responded, “I remember the first time I said that as well.”

For a moment, I thought he meant the first time he said, “I’m Ava’s dad,” but then I recalled this conversation from last week, held shortly after Bryan dropped Ava off at a classmate’s birthday party:

Bec: “How did the drop off go? Did you meet Sophie’s mom?”

Bry: “Yeah. I introduced myself as ‘Ava’s mom.'”

Bec (laughing hysterically): “What!? Did you correct yourself?”

Bry: “No…”


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