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Santa Monica 

I had a half day free in LA yesterday, so I took a car up to Santa Monica and walked a few miles south along the shore. I can’t say LA is my favorite spot, but I’ll take the ocean any day. 

Anytime you approach Kansas City from the southwest, you fly right over Lawrence–it’s my favorite sight from the air. I love to come home to this cute little Midwestern town. 

Oregon coast 

A few more shots from a trip that now seems way too short.

Smith family road trip 

Snuggle up 

I really like this new little guy quite a lot. And his parents are knocking it out of the park. Good job, Team Pasniewski. 

New Orleans

Thanks to the generosity of Bryan’s sweet parents, I was able to join him in New Orleans for a couple of days following his most recent conference. The weather was warm but wonderful, and we spent the time touring various districts and eating truly amazing food. We even ran into a a famous bartender and dipped our toes in the Mississippi.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

These broiled oysters were among the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I even found a pearl in one.

This is Chris McMillan behind the bar at his new cafe, Revel. He poured us too many rounds of truly remarkable drinks.

I’ve been to a few new places this year–this is one to which I definitely want to return.

Mother’s Day

Thanks to Katie’s good timing, we got to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. Bryan made us brunch on the deck, with mimosas, stuffed scallops, eggs, fruit and *three* kinds of meat. He’s the best. 

It was fun to have my mom here this week (no one appreciated it more than the very new mom, I’m sure). I really think she should move closer. Like to Kansas. Or maybe next door. Or actually into my own home. 

Love you, Mom! 

Welcome, Baby Ryan!

Katie and Tom welcomed Ryan Henry late Friday night. He weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz, and he is, as Owen keeps saying, “so tiny.” Also, very cute.