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Blog break

I’m taking a blog break this week. Check back next Monday for a slew of holiday (and birthday!) posts.

Happy Thanksgiving,

It’s a long story.



A test run

This recipe for pumpkin turtle cheesecake worked out pretty well (and received positive reviews from my coworkers).  I think I’ll make it again for Thanksgiving.


Crawling is so three weeks ago

Here are a few additional photos of Olivia from this weekend. She’s completely given up on crawling–it’s walking only for this baby, er…toddler.




Kids at play

We made good use of the warm weather this weekend. Good thing–it was fleeting.




An outlet

I set out to test the turtle pumpkin cheesecake recipe I’m planning to make for the Smith Thanksgiving, but I found I was completely out of heavy-duty foil. So, instead, I made these Oreo truffles from–you guessed it–Bakerella.

It’s an incredibly simple recipe–a package of crushed Oreos mixed with a package of softened cream cheese forms the truffle.



Then, you just dip the centers in melted white almond bark. I sprinkled them with some of the Oreo crumbs.


The interior remains very soft. They are absolutely delicious!


From aspiration to obsession

This Bakerella business is getting the best of me.

I haven’t thought about anything else since stumbling across this blog. And, that’s saying a lot, because I had a huge event this week.

But, as I was deviling deeper into her site, I wound up at Cakespy, and then Tartelette and then Cupcake Bakeshop, and then Cannelle et Vanille…and somewhere in there, I found a little line of text in which one baker/blogger explained that she started because there was something missing from her life, and that thing was baking.

Hmmm, a cupcake-shaped hole that can only be filled by batch after batch of batter. Interesting.