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Throwback Thursday

A collection of photos 15 years in the making.





A string of selfies

What started as an effort to capture Owen’s “Ted Koppel” hair turned to to a surprisingly sweet last shot. This kid has the selfie down pat.







No place like (Kansas)

My friend Jen works for an organization that seeks to bring major events to our capital city. She’s pretty good at her job, and she just nailed down the 2015 national horseshoe throwing championship.

She’s traveling to the 2014 host city to build excitement for next summer’s trip to Kansas, and she’s taking 50 glittery horseshoes with her. The shoes match the Wizard of Oz theme for 2015.

I’m not sure why I was selected for the project (I totally know), but I was happy to help. I started with an unbelievably dusty box of very used horseshoes. It wasn’t until I was soaking them that I realized I wasn’t only dealing with dirt. Despite trying several methods to remove the debris, I finally gave up and just tried a coat of paint.

My cherry-red spray lacquer looked gorgeous and shiny on the metal, but it soaked right into anything more “organic.” Fortunately, though, the glitter spray stayed on top.

My friend Lori suggested the horseshoes were more authentic with a bit of glittered shit still intact, so there you go.


By this afternoon, I’d finished and wrapped all 50. It was tempting to use the last half-can of red glitter on something of my own, but decided it was best saved for post-travel touch-ups.

Plus, it also comes in pink…

Summer Saturday

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the Farmer’s Market with Katie and Tom. Up next: gymnastics, then boating with a friend for Ava and a playdate with Cleo for Livie.

Owen’s plans include a long nap, while I spend some quality time with the deck.

What’s on your itinerary today?



New appliance obsession



The littles


Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s to one of the best.


Owen Fix

You know how hard it is to wake up, especially when you’re exhausted and feel as though you haven’t slept at all? You roll over with no hope for even another minute—reality has set in. It’s morning.

And then, you remember there’s such a thing as coffee. You’re overcome with love and warmth, remembering the joy it brings to you. In mere moments, it will be yours, and all will be right in this bright little world.

That feeling—that is how Owen feels about the blender.


Camp, closed.

Ava and Olivia attended Girl Scout camp this week, returning home every afternoon wet, muddy and utterly exhausted. They had a blast learning how to build fires, hiking creek beds and preparing their own food.

Ava tent camped overnight last night, and both girls came home with awards for their efforts today. Despite a rainy, warm week, socks that just needed to be tossed and more bruises and bites than we can count, it was a huge summer success. Next week’s art camp may pale in comparison.



Owen fix

It has rained and rained and rained here—nearly four inches in less than 24 hours. The girls are at Girl Scout camp this week, trudging around in galoshes and ponchos. Owen doesn’t need either…

photo 2

photo 1