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Owen fix 

Look at this little big kid. 



Owen: “I’m not gonna brush my teeth anymore. I’m just not.”

Extra-curricular kicks 

Olivia started soccer last week; she will play on an indoor team for the next couple of months. (Practice conveniently follows piano by 10 minutes…we ALMOST make it on time). 

While she insists she’s terribly nervous about the prospect of never scoring a goal, you’d never know it. She literally skips between exercises and doles out high fives left and right. 




Owen, directly into the ear of a sleeping dog: “August! AUGUST!! Oh, you’re alive. Good dog.”



Had a little help with dinner prep last night. (It’s FINE, Mom. I promise!)


Owen fix 

“I have a baby in my tummy also [just like Aunt Katie!!].”

And, of course, August. Because when you have a giant (wet) puppy, it’s hard to ignore.  


Ava Fix 

After a week of pajama days, the break is just about over. 


Merry Christmas!

And, now, Happy New Year, too–from our house to yours. I hope you enjoyed the holiday (and the break) as much as we did!