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Owen fix

“Hi, Dagny! I just took a bath. I hold you now.”

Because there’s nothing an old cat loves more than a wet toddler.


Merry Christmas!






Santa Claus came to town

Santa visited Diane’s last week, bearing gifts for current and former daycare charges. He knew each little one by name, though some were more skeptical of him than others.







Thanks, Santa (and Diane, too!).

Overheard: I’m getting a little lazy with all the questions, apparently

Owen: “I climb into the washing machine.”

Rebecca: “No, please don’t do that.”

Owen: “Why not? …Because?”

Rebecca: “Yes, because.”

She’s making a list, checking it twice

Olivia, to Aunt Katie: “Other than whiskey, what’s your favorite thing?”


Rebecca: “What’s going on in here?”
Owen: “My pigs are takin’ a bath!”



“And my hairs.”


Owen fix

This guy has completely outgrown his crib. We tuck him in, and he’s out before we reach his bedroom door. A couple of nights ago, I decided to wait on his floor until he fell asleep. I fell asleep first, and only woke when he stepped on me in an attempt to escape. I can’t quite bring myself to put the crib away yet, but I know it’s coming. Soon.


Olivia Fix

Now: Sunday night homework. Up next: Tackling that all-weekend bedhead.



Overheard: Sisterly love

Olivia, to Rebecca: “Ava is so mean. Why did you have her? I mean, I enjoy Owen, but Ava, UGH.”

Ava Fix

Checking out the new rink in town…