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Wishin’ and hopin’

My mom asked about Livie’s birthday list. I transcribed while my soon-to-be six-year-old wished aloud:

A diamond. A real one.
A kitten. (“I’ll feed it every night!”)
A gold ring. 
A TV. 
The key to the tooth fairy’s door
A new blanket that looks just like the old one she lost (two years ago…). 
Her own blog. 
“My real own desk.”
A princess crown. A real one. 

And then, she paused, and said, “AHA! I know! . . . No, wait, THAT would be too expensive . . .”

She continued:
Her own phone. (“That I really can call on. THAT KIND.”)
A gold necklace. 
Her own iPad. 
Her very, very, very own gymnastics mat. 
A real treasure box. 
“My own kitty.”

Morning walk

Trying out some new hard-soled shoes on this gorgeous fall day…








Ava Fix

Ava was looking for a book she was just sure we had. She was right, as it turns out—and we’ve had it for quite a long time, it would appear!



Billions and billions

Olivia: “Mom, did you know there are more than two thousand stars in the sky? It’s true! There are two thousand and five billion.”

Heart of glass

Bryan, who might as well just join Pinterest already, spent part of Sunday on a pretty exciting craft project: converting bottles into glassware by a process of heating and then breaking at strategic points.

He soaked kitchen twine in acetate, wrapped it tightly around the bottle, and then lit it on fire. (The girls were transfixed.)



Then, as the flame went out, he plunged the bottle into icy water, and in most cases, the bottle broke at the designated place.



It worked well with thin beer bottles, but not as well with anything larger (like liquor bottles).



He ended up with a couple of new drinking glasses that just need a quick swipe of sandpaper to smooth the edge.

Has anyone else tried this process? Any suggestions?


Olivia: “Did you know that trees have tiny, green trunks when they are born?”

You pretty much do, kid.


THIS circus, anyway.