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Happy Halloween!

Gramma’s fall 2016 collection includes Cruella DeVille, Owen the fire chief, and the Queen of Hearts–another triple in the books!

Ava’s black dress is absolutely gorgeous – this will definitely be a staple for this girl in the coming months.  She was afraid her wig made her look a little bit crazy – but I reminded her that her muse was indeed insane.

When Olivia opened her costume, she proclaimed it the best yet. I might have to  agree.

And sweet Owen. When I asked him to smile, he told me “firemens don’t smile.” (Later, when I told him that firemen don’t cry, he said “they do when they are children.”)

This kid LOVES his costume.

Thanks so much, Mom! Happy Halloween, everyone.

August fix 

Homecoming in LFK

We celebrated KU’s homecoming last week with a parade on Mass Street. Katie and I may have shed a tear or two (as one does when a marching band plays during a parade), but all four kids had a blast.

Only four years until prom

Ava and her friends had their first middle school dance tonight. The girls – who went together – were dressed beautifully. (All of the boys that I could see from afar were in basketball shorts.)

As I snapped this photo, Sophia’s mom said, “So it begins.”

Owen fix 

This one is having a great time at preschool–he knows his numbers, can write his own name and sings the sweetest songs. (Also, he cannot wait to be on the other side of this fence, playing games with the big kids.)