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Happy Halloween!

Many thanks to my mom for making the beautiful Cinderella and Rapunzel costumes! More photos coming soon.

Catching up

This is always a hectic time of year at work, and yet, it’s probably my favorite—events come together, blueline print proofs magically turn into boxes upon boxes of publications with that new-ink smell, and the entire campus rallies around fall sports and an unbelievably gorgeous landscape.

This also happens to be my favorite time of year at home. Fall makes me want to decorate, cook and host dinner parties—something that would be just fine if there weren’t quite so many of those events and print proofs at work.

But, this weekend, I packed it in at 4 pm, leaving the office for a date with Cinderella and Rapunzel. And, we have a lovely weekend planned. It’s filled not only with decorating and cooking, but a serendipitous gathering of family.

So, work will wait, while the cooking and hosting, happily, will not.


I made these ghost cupcakes for the party in Nebraska last weekend, and I think I’ll make them again for Halloween weekend.

This marked the first time I’ve made fondant from scratch—it was so easy, I don’t think I’ll every buy it again! I used my favorite one-bowl cupcake recipe for the base, then swapped out the suggested stack of candy for a Tootsie Pop, thanks to a suggestion from my friend Dawn. Over all, a bit time consuming to assemble (thanks for the help, Laura!), but worth the effort.

Livie and Ava

By Olivia…


We traveled to Nebraska for a fabulous Halloween party last week. Karyl saw to what must of been a hundred special touches, and the kids (and grown ups!) had a blast. You can see photos on Jessie’s site, and on Doug’s photo gallery. Check them out, then come back to discuss my incredibly adorable nieces and nephews.

Green-curry chicken pot pie

I was trying photograph this green-curry chicken potpie last week, because the recipe was great (kudos to Martha), and I thought the phyllo crust was so creative (Martha, again). I struggled to get the right angle, and the right lighting…

I wasn’t quite happy, so I continued to shoot.



Member of the week!

Ava was last week’s member of the week at her after school program. She won a free dinner at Applebee’s, and we celebrated there last Thursday.

This was a big relief to us, because at home, she’s been a little, well . . . unhinged. We’ve attributed the cranky behavior to the new environment and change of pace, and we’ve tried not worry much. But, when she brought home the teacher’s worksheet from one of her classes (a benefit of her member-of-the-week status), we had to laugh at the word she had selected to describe “apple”–it seemed right on point:

At least she’s sweet at school, I suppose!