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Owen, clearly illustrating how to be three years old: “I guess I like this new shirt. But next time I’m going to hate it.” 

Lego love 

Olivia helped Owen assemble his new Legos today. 

“Well, this has everything I love – following instructions, concentration – it’s perfect.” 

Which is great, because those are my least favorite things. 


These two

Pretty cute, don’t you think?


Ava fix 


Owen fix 

“I have to go. I need to catch the sunset.”  


August fix 

He’s literally eating homework now. So cliché. 


Four generations!



Owen fix 

When you are three, every cut–no matter how small or awkward the location–requires a bandaid. 



Me: “What’s the number one thing you’d like to do on vacation this summer?”

Ava: “Swimming.”

Olivia: “I want to  swim with DOLPHINS. I want to go skiing! And snowboarding. And shark diving, of course. Canoeing! Mountain climbing. Surfing. Walk on the beach…SCUBA DIVING. Colorado. Honolulu! ALASKA.”

Owen fix 

Owen has a new, super short summer haircut. Very boyish, and seems to highlight orneriness. The dirt helps, too, of course.