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Gramma and her boys 

Puppy hugs 

Note Bry is a solid six feet tall…


“Hey mom, does this match?”

“Touch a Truck” day

Basically the best day ever when you’re four. Not bad when you’re a big kid either!

Math is still the worst. 

Sweet summer Saturdays

Olivia and her friend (and–much to their collective consternation–Owen) had a cute little lemonade stand on a sunny Saturday last month. This morning it was 59 degrees–time to break out the hot cider!

Owen fix 


Olivia: “Hey Mom, tonight at football practice, I was doing a handstand into bridge and the boys tried to do it too, and the coach said, ‘Boys, don’t try to do anything Olivia does. You’ll get hurt.'”

(Flag football is “awesome” per Olivia, though she was disappointed to learn there’s no tackling allowed. First game is Sunday!)