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Smith family fix

Bryan’s parents visited us last weekend–we had a fabulous time hanging out downtown (and at home)! I shot this photo with Doug’s camera, though the photo editing credit goes to him…

Overhead: Smith family edition

Olivia, talking about a dog hanging out at swimming lessons tonight: “Why is that dog sad? Where is his mommy?”

Swim instructor: “He’s not sad, he’s ornery.”

Rebecca: “Hmmm. Sounds like someone I know. Do you know anyone else who’s ornery, Liv? Hmmm?”

Olivia: “Wyatt.”

All the small things

I keep a ceramic cupcake on the kitchen window sill, and it’s filled with little things we’ve collected around the house. Mostly, they are small items like Barbie shoes and crowns that used to pose a choking hazard for Olivia, but now, she loves to look through the container and show you everything she finds. There’s a pretty hilarious range, from rocks…

To rings that my mom wore in high school…

To buttons…

And shells…

Wine charms (which double as rings for little girls)…


And more shells.

It’s amazing what passes for entertainment around here, but it’s infinitely better than Dora!

Keeping up with Katie

As you probably know, it’s sometimes hard to keep in touch with Katie. So, I thought I’d share my exchange with her from today—just in case you had the same questions I did.

Strawberry Meringue Buttercream

I made these (giant!) cupcakes–topped with strawberry meringue buttercream–at my friend Carly’s request. There were a couple of other girls that appreciated them as well!


Ava Fix

Wish I was here…

It’s been a very long work week. While I’d appreciate a vacation, I don’t think that’s an option again this year. So, I am looking forward to what I hope will be a restful and relaxing weekend, or at least one that gives my attitude the tune up it needs.

The other one

A few of you commented on Olivia in the photos below. I thought I’d share a few notes about the girl we affectionately call “the other one.”

  • Olivia only wears purple socks, though pink will do in a pinch. NEVER white.
  • See that dress she’s wearing? There’s a pink tutu-style skirt under it. She wears it almost every day.
  • She accessorizes almost every outfit with a necklace, and she insists on some sort of adornment in her hair. She calls barrettes, clips and ponytail holders “cutes.”
  • She loves anything covered in glitter. (Who could blame her?)
  • She has the most mischievous eyes I’ve ever seen, and she gets away with a remarkable amount of willful disobedience just because of her smile.
  • When she’s thinking about what to say next, her top lip curls a bit. Then, she speaks with that incredibly cute three-year-old lisp that I could listen to all day.
  • Her favorite foods are pickles, olives, cheese and ice cream.
  • She writes her name as a series of circles and hash marks, and it works.
  • She’d prefer that you call her Liv, Livie Lou Who, or Liva.
  • She picks up song lyrics very quickly, and she’ll sing along to my favorite CDs in the car.
  • She sleeps with a pillow pet, a lovie, two blankets, two bears and occasionally an extra doll or stuffed animal. When she makes her way into our room at 2 am, she brings most of these things with her. She takes up a fair amount of space.
  • She loves puzzles and art projects, especially anything involving tape, glue and scissors.
  • She regularly says that she has the “best family ever.” I think we’re pretty lucky to have her.

Ava Update

When we arrived at school this afternoon, we found Ava making her way across the monkey bars on the playground. (And, if the blisters on her hands are any indication, that’s where she spent both of her recesses as well as her time in the after school program. She was quick to tell us she finally made it all the way across and back—something she’s been working on all summer, and now, something she’ll be able to do every day.)

Once we finally got past that bit of news, Ava explained that her first day went pretty well.  She had lunch with Lia and Maile, preschool friends who started Kindergarten at Quail Run today too. She had P.E. class, art, reading, and a few other lessons.

She’s already finished her homework, and she’s looking forward to going back tomorrow!

New beginnings

Ava headed off to Quail Run for first grade today! After a few tears last night, she was happy and excited (and pretty grown up) this morning.

We arrived to school with plenty of time for some photos, and then we connected with a few new friends before Ava headed off to her class.

We’ll let you know how it went!