All the small things

I keep a ceramic cupcake on the kitchen window sill, and it’s filled with little things we’ve collected around the house. Mostly, they are small items like Barbie shoes and crowns that used to pose a choking hazard for Olivia, but now, she loves to look through the container and show you everything she finds. There’s a pretty hilarious range, from rocks…

To rings that my mom wore in high school…

To buttons…

And shells…

Wine charms (which double as rings for little girls)…


And more shells.

It’s amazing what passes for entertainment around here, but it’s infinitely better than Dora!

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  1. Posted by Rebecca's Mom on August 28, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Speaking of Dora and entertainment for little girls . . . remember Ava’s fascination with Arthur?

    I came across “Arthur Goes to School” at an Estate tag sale yesterday.

    Papa Best said, “No more Arthur!”

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