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Happy birthday, Bry!

Bryan celebrated 39 a few weeks ago with the traditional breakfast sandwich and hugs from the kids (at least the ones we had in Kansas). His parents came town, too. 

June must just be the best month for Bryan. His birthday, Father’s Day, and–his favorite–our anniversary all fall within about two weeks. This year, we got him what he has always wanted: Nothing. Literally! No gifts. Not even a bottle of bourbon. (This took tremendous restraint on my part.)

The kids did make him some pretty sweet cards, and we put together a little collection at the 39 things we love about him most (Owen’s entries all mentioned Legos…). But otherwise, we abided by his request (this year only). 

I love this guy. 

PS – That’s not our baby. That’s Phoebe, our perfect niece. Bry looks so handsome here, though, doesn’t he?

PPS – Phoebe makes Bryan think we should have another baby, but he’s clearly too old. 

Ava Kate 

Ava: “When was the last time you posted on the blog?”

Me: “Seven years ago. Let me take your picture with your dad–I’ll post that.”

Show and share 

Bryan spent a snowy week in Steamboat for a conference last week.  Everybody missed him, but especially Owen. For show and share at preschool Friday, I sent a photo of Bryan that hangs in our room–it was taken when we were 19, while visiting the Rocky Mountains. Owen LOVES this photo, and he asks frequently when it was taken. 

“Where was I?” You weren’t born yet, remember? “So I was still in your tummy?” No. We didn’t even know about you yet. “But WHERE WAS I?”

In our dreams, kiddo. 

Christmas 2016

We were joined my mom and Dave and Gramma and Grandpa Great for Christmas Eve at our house in Kansas again this year. Santa found the kids, despite a year of rather questionable antics… 

Then, on Christmas morning, we headed north to spend a few days with Bryan’s family.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! 

Puppy hugs 

Note Bry is a solid six feet tall…

Oregon coast 

A few more shots from a trip that now seems way too short.

Way out west 

Last Saturday morning, we boarded a flight west–Owen’s first to remember, most likely. 

We connected through Vegas, promptly lost $40, then landed in Portland. 

By the time we hit the Pacific Coast Highway, we’d been at it for 12 hours already. The kids were troopers (and even Bryan hung in there). 

Another four hours on the road landed us at Seal Rock–straight west of Corvallis, right on the ocean. 

It was clear but cold our first night. In the week we were there, we didn’t have a better sunset!

Smith family road trip 

Happy Father’s Day! 

We love this one so very much.

August fix 

Nine months old, God knows how many pounds, and still pretty darn cute.