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Happy birthday!

My sweet, sweet Olivia turned four today. This funny, artistic and adorable little girl just melts my heart.

In preparation

I have quite a bit of help in the kitchen today—both girls are off school, and holiday baking is officially underway.

So far, we’ve crossed Nutella-filled banana muffins off our list. Up next, toffee cheesecake and a pumpkin Bundt cake, all in preparation for the holiday. We’re looking forward to spending time with our families this weekend and celebrating Olivia’s fourth birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Why Olivia isn’t an optimal bedmate…

Ava Fix


Olivia: “Mom, guess what, Mom?”

Me: “What, Liv?”

Olivia: “Brayden called me a baby today.”

Me: “Oh no! What did you say?”

Olivia: “I said, ‘NO THANK YOU.'”

Olivia Fix

Will someone please buy this girl a puppy already?

No one does Sunday better.