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Owen Fix


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Sleepless on the staircase

Why you should let me stay up until 10 pm: A play in seven parts.








Winter wonderland

A heavy, wet snow blanketed the trees last night. Schools are closed, and another snow day begins!




Olivia Fix

Olivia doesn’t nap much these days, but every now and then she’ll¬†inadvertently¬†fall asleep (while strategically snuggled into the couch with a blanket, a lovie or three and favorite stuffed animal…).




Day two

We awoke to another two or three inches of snow this morning—just enough to cover everything Bryan cleared yesterday. He’s hard at work already: Having finished our drive, he’s working on a few more in the neighborhood. I imagine he will head into the lab this morning.

The rest of us will be staying put. Olivia selected our first movie of the day (Rudolph), and there’s already been a request to make another batch of cookies. I’m hoping for more sledding, and perhaps a nap later for at least a couple of us.

Snow totals seem to be hovering right around a foot throughout the city. What’s it like where you are?


And a couple hours (and inches) more


One hour later…


Snow day

It seems as though the entire city has closed down in anticipation of what could be a record-breaking snowstorm. The snow started about an hour ago, and it’s coming down pretty fast already. It’s thundering, too, which I love.

Owen and I are the only ones up–hopefully everyone will sleep in!



Owen update

The last few days have been pretty big on the Owen front—in addition to figuring out how to clap (which may be the cutest thing I’ve seen in quite a long time), our seven-and-a-half month old now has full command of the area around him. He’s becoming proficient at the army crawl, and is spending more and more time on all fours. Nothing is safe! Also, I’m expecting those two top teeth to appear at any moment. This baby is growing up far too fast, but each little milestone is so much fun.

Doug took this photo when he was visiting last weekend, and I just love it so much. More soon!

Owen waving