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Bryan fix

With bonus Owen. 


The fix 

Olivia, to Owen, after he expressed serious concern over what must be a relatively new sensation: “You know what gets rid of hiccups? This!”

Give and take 

Olivia made this sweet sign at school. My favorite is “forts,” because some days you just need a hideout. 



Rebecca: “Owen, come over here. I want to tell you how cute and little you are.”

Owen: “I’m poopy.”


Ava Kate celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. Thanks so much for the sweet calls and messages from near and far–much appreciated! More on this occasion very soon… 


Olivia Fix

I had some pleasant company on my Saturday walk: a sweet girl who reported that Gramma taught her to double-knot her shoes, and that she is indeed a very fast runner. “Almost as fast as Kyle,” for those of you keeping track. 



Smith family fix