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Bryan fix

With bonus Owen. 


The fix 

Olivia, to Owen, after he expressed serious concern over what must be a relatively new sensation: “You know what gets rid of hiccups? This!”

Give and take 

Olivia made this sweet sign at school. My favorite is “forts,” because some days you just need a hideout. 



Rebecca: “Owen, come over here. I want to tell you how cute and little you are.”

Owen: “I’m poopy.”


Ava Kate celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday. Thanks so much for the sweet calls and messages from near and far–much appreciated! More on this occasion very soon… 


Olivia Fix

I had some pleasant company on my Saturday walk: a sweet girl who reported that Gramma taught her to double-knot her shoes, and that she is indeed a very fast runner. “Almost as fast as Kyle,” for those of you keeping track. 



Smith family fix


Ava, from the back of the man van: “Wait! I’m not bickily-bucked!”

Bryan: “Is everyone buckled up?”

Ava: “No! What do you think ‘bickily-buck’ means?!”

Owen, to Uncle Tom: “My shirt glows in the dark. Your shirt doesn’t. Your shirt is broken.”

Construction season begins

There’s a small addition underway at the school, and Owen’s ready to offer whatever supervision is necessary. 

When you dream 

While the Tooth Fairy didn’t show herself last night, she did leave behind a fair amount of fairy dust for sweet Olivia.