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Day in the life 

Rebecca: “Owen, I just need to sit down and read for a minute.”

Owen: “Nope, not today!”


Rebecca, to Ava: “I don’t know…I think I should have my attorney review this.”  



Olivia, our resident bird spotter, noticed something a bit bigger than usual flying over the backyard last night… 


Owen Fix




Aunt Katie and I took the girls (as well as best friend Sophia and her dad) to see Taylor Swift in Kansas City Monday night. 

It was an event the big girls met with a LOT of excitement. (Olivia seemed to better understand their reactions when I likened it to her being able to see the President.) 

It was a pretty spectacular show. I just hope they will return the favor and take me to the Ryan Adams 1989 cover tour. (I imagine there will not be pyrotechnics…)


Owen Fix 

It’s bedtime. Now. 


KU Band Day

The girls marched in the KU Band Day this afternoon with their Girl Scout troops. It’s a gorgeous fall-like day–perfect for tonight’s game (a parents’ only trip this time). 


We’re still here!

Apologies for the complete radio silence this month. We’re getting back into the swing of things with school (somehow, today marks the third week since classes resumed!).

Things are going well for the girls so far. Ava, admittedly, is far more interested in the social aspects of her education, and she has expressed displeasure with the rule that prevents previously successful incumbents from campaigning for student council. I’ve noticed (from afar) that her math homework is getting much more complicated (It could be algebra. Maybe. I’m not sure.). Her goal is to finish it as quickly as possible so that she can resume FaceTime with her friends.

Olivia, as I’ve mentioned before, LOVES school and everything it brings. She’s required to read 40 minutes a week, but she’s decided to read 40 minutes a day. She makes us sweet gifts and cards, practices piano religiously and is only grumpy when she has to wake up earlier than she’d like. I’m liking this one a lot right now.

And, Owen. Owen is three, and three is so much more challenging than two. Three is two, but with intent. But he’s so cute. And funny. (“I love you so much, buddy.” “I love you so much also.”) He literally asked to play in the dirt last week. Snuggles are getting fewer and farther between, but god help you if you pick up the new baby at daycare. This is a difficult phase.

The days and nights are hectic and busy and probably not as nurturing they should be. However, I read an article (okay, just the headline), that said all I had to do was love them and keep them alive.

We’re doing just fine.