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Caramel apples

My favorite part of Halloween…

My least favorite part? Cleaning the kitchen after making caramel apples.

Happy Halloween!

We started celebrating last weekend, when Bry’s friend Dave came over to carve pumpkins for their company contest.

They didn’t win, but I think they should have. Bry’s is on the left: The eyes and mouth represent…something scientific. You’ll have to ask him. Ava carved the tiny jack-o-lantern.

We joined Bryan and Dave their company party for trick-or-treating on Tuesday. The kids debuted their costumes, which my mom made.

The Little Mermaid:

And a littler lion:

Then, the girls received a box of treats from Grandma and Grandpa Smith on Wednesday.

Today, we’re heading downtown for mass trick-or-treating, and we’re entertaining a few friends (and grandparents!!) tonight.

More photos soon!

Ava Fix

I was watching Ava work with her stencils this weekend, and I noticed how she was holding her pencil. Instead of grasping it with her fist, she held it in place with each finger tip.

When I mentioned this new accomplishment, she looked up, ran over to the drawer, grabbed a red marker (why do I keep these so accessible?!), and put one tiny dot on each finger. Apparently, her preschool teacher imparted this little trick to help the kids learn proper pencil positioning. Pretty creative–and very effective!

11 months!

Olivia is 11 months old today.

New hobbies include walking, hanging out with Dad in the middle of the night, playing peekaboo and drinking whole milk.

First freeze

We had our first hard freeze last night–temperatures were still below 30 this morning.

I clustered the mums and covered them with a heavy blanket–they seemed to do just fine.


Olivia took her first (five!) steps tonight. Photos coming soon!

Outdoor life

Olivia fix

I’m keeping the camera ready because one of these days, we’re going to see steps.

Not today, but someday soon.

It’s no rush, sweet baby. Believe me.

Weekend wrap-up

We had really lovely weather here last weekend–and as such, took the opportunity to be outside as much as possible. On Sunday, we visited a pumpkin patch outside of town.

Ava loved the playground…

And the hay maze…

And she even ran into her friend Brandon!

Olivia was happy just being outside.

When we got home, we planted some bulbs for spring…

And ditched the potted shrubs in favor of something a bit more seasonal.


When we arrived home from the cabin a week ago, we discovered we’d been “Boo’d.”

One of our neighbors left little treats for Ava and Olivia, along with a cute poem instructing us to “boo” two additional neighbors in turn.

Ava and I dropped off little packages a few days ago, and hung the “You’ve been boo’d” sign on our front door, so our neighbors know we’re already received our loot.

Ava thinks that maybe if we take it down, we might get lucky once more. Smart girl.