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Overheard: All Owen

To Uncle Tom, regarding his camera: “Can I push the cheese button?”

To his new friend, by way of introduction to me: “This is my grown up.”

As we sang the Husker fight song while crossing back into Kansas: “Are we going to another ‘Braska?”

To Bryan, as he held Ryan: “Would you like to hold my cousin next?”

So long, elementary school

Ava’s class celebrated fifth grade recognition on Wednesday, and the school year came to a close on Thursday. It was a tearful day for this soon-to-be middle schooler and her friends, but thankfully they will make the transition to a new school together. 

Snuggle up 

I really like this new little guy quite a lot. And his parents are knocking it out of the park. Good job, Team Pasniewski. 

Puppy tricks

August can now lock us out of the house by sliding the floor latch on the sliding glass door. It’s not my favorite trick…

Aside from chewing up expensive things, he’s really settling down. Three walks a day help. He’s also been going to daycare two afternoons a week, which sounds ridiculous, but it really wears him out. A tired pup is a sweet pup. 

He’s still at least 40 percent maniac, but as he gets older, is personality is starting to show. He greets me by standing on his hind legs and putting his paws on my shoulders. Puppy hugs! And he loves Owen almost as much as Owen loves him. (Thankfully, he doesn’t try to hug the three year old.)

Weekend update 

Everything goes faster when a pajama-clad toddler is helping. 

New Orleans

Thanks to the generosity of Bryan’s sweet parents, I was able to join him in New Orleans for a couple of days following his most recent conference. The weather was warm but wonderful, and we spent the time touring various districts and eating truly amazing food. We even ran into a a famous bartender and dipped our toes in the Mississippi.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

These broiled oysters were among the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I even found a pearl in one.

This is Chris McMillan behind the bar at his new cafe, Revel. He poured us too many rounds of truly remarkable drinks.

I’ve been to a few new places this year–this is one to which I definitely want to return.


Owen: “Mommy, why are babies so small? Was I this small?”

Way to shatter my whole heart, kid. ❤️

Mother’s Day

Thanks to Katie’s good timing, we got to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. Bryan made us brunch on the deck, with mimosas, stuffed scallops, eggs, fruit and *three* kinds of meat. He’s the best. 

It was fun to have my mom here this week (no one appreciated it more than the very new mom, I’m sure). I really think she should move closer. Like to Kansas. Or maybe next door. Or actually into my own home. 

Love you, Mom! 

It’s Throwback Thursday

And thank goodness, because I am so far behind. I need a “neglect” category at this point!

I’ve been meaning to share a few photos from Ava’s birthday sleepover. She planned the entire Project Runway party herself, down to three challenges for her friends.

First up was the “avant garde” challenge, in which the girls fashioned dresses out of garbage bags. If not for the material, most were legitimately wearable.

It made for a fun (if not messy) night, and I’m pretty convinced I can outsource all future party planning to this eldest daughter of mine. She continues to surprise me with her creativity and vision–not to mention the ability to cultivate a stellar group of friends.

Welcome, Baby Ryan!

Katie and Tom welcomed Ryan Henry late Friday night. He weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz, and he is, as Owen keeps saying, “so tiny.” Also, very cute.