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Owen Fix 

Owen, to the dentist: “Be careful with me.” 


Olivia Fix

This little beauty was part of a bevy of gorgeous flower girls at our cousin’s mountain wedding last weekend. 



We said goodbye to our sweet kitty last night, and it was terribly sad for all of us.

She was part of our family for more than 15 years. She was what made us a family when we brought her home on our first wedding anniversary. She survived three moves, three kids, and one of two cancer diagnoses. She destroyed the carpet, drank only from the sink and wouldn’t think twice about clawing your eyelid if you fell sleep while petting her at night.

The kids are tearful, Bryan’s bereft and I fail to see how I’ll ever adjust to what seems like a very empty house.

We are so grateful for the calls and words of kindness during the past day. Thank you for your understanding, and for realizing just how much we loved her.

Smith family sleepover 

Taking some comfort together after a hard night. 


Owen fix

When I asked Owen what he wanted for his birthday a few weeks ago, he said a “front loader.” While searching Amazon for a little truck, I found this monster (which took his dad four hours to assemble). But, it even came with a “backhoe-oh,” so bonus! I imagine the mole problem we’ve had will soon be a thing of the past.



Owen: “I’m a mommy!”

Rebecca: “You are? What do mommies say?”

Owen: “No.”

Earn it

The girls are taking a series of special classes to master the back handspring. It’s hard work, and they’re owning it. 



Owen celebrated his third birthday at the Minnesota cabin with Gramma and Grampa Great and Aunt Katie and Uncle Tom.


The theme was set to his current obsession: heavy machinery and construction work. (I had a hard time keeping those front loaders and dump trucks on the cake long enough to snap a photo!)



IMG_3680 IMG_3679 IMG_3704 IMG_3674

Aunt Katie bought Owen a drum! And a kazoo. And a tambourine. She’s the best.


A Thomas the Train piggy bank from Uncle Tom, which Owen carries around while yelling, “Oink! Snort!”


And another quick favorite, a “tiny train” from Gramma and Grampa. IMG_3703

Thanks to the Grandparents Great for hosting! We are looking forward to mini-celebrations with family in Nebraska and Colorado as well.