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Little (pod) people 

Hanging out on a gorgeous Sunday evening…


First day

Summer has come to a close–even if today’s 60 degree temperatures are still only temporary, classes are back in session. 

Ava started fifth grade, which has a decidedly different feel than previous years–no photos with the teacher, only one recess, and homework assigned the very first night. While the best friends below are (perhaps purposefully) separated across three sections this year, Ava was excited and optimistic this morning (and thankfully yet this afternoon, too). 

Olivia joined her second grade class with her typical enthusiasm–this kid truly loves school and all it brings. She tucked Sleeping Bunny into her (velour) backpack and immediately reconnected with her sweet friend first thing this morning. 

We had a great time this summer – lots of late nights and lazy mornings – but like every year, I am looking forward to a fresh start, the return to routine and, admittedly, earlier bedtimes.



Guess what, guys?

It’s “breakfast for dinner” night!  


New news 

As of this afternoon, Livie Lou is the proud owner of eight, rainbow-banded braces. Big day for Team Smith!



Owen, as I tried to brush his hair from his forehead (admittedly, repeatedly): “NO. Don’t feel me right now.”