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When seven year olds Google

From the iPad search history:

Why do cats have wet noses?
What is the longest snake in the world?
Do fish sleep?

Owen at four weeks

At the four week mark, Owen is still spending far more time snoozing than anything else, but he is a awake a bit more every day. Last week, he figured out how to smile. As a result, he now holds PINs to all of our personal investment and banking accounts. Diabolical, this one.

He’s still sporting his Dad’s furrowed brow, but it’s accompanied by a similar calm demeanor.


Doug’s Photo Barn

Doug created a new site to host his photos, and it includes shots like these from his last visit to Lawrence. You can also find images of the girls and their friends from Ava’s seventh birthday party. Check it out!

A little love note

Ava hand-delivered a little note to me last week. It reads:

Dear Mom, 

Thank you for all you have don for me! I am sorry for all the times I have been nauty! I could never wish for a better mother! I am also very sorry for fighting with my sister. Thank you for all ways giving me another chance all the time. If I were you I would not give my children another chance. I love you with all my heart. 

Love, Ava

I think I mentioned the last couple of weeks have been a bit challenging, but moments like this make me think we’re at least on the right track with these little beings. Certainly, a letter was not necessary nor expected, but it made my whole day. It strikes just the right balance of sincerity and blatant pandering, which I appreciate.

The girls have been in Nebraska with Grandma and Grandpa Smith all week. While we’ve very much enjoyed the quiet time this has afforded us at home, I have to say I found myself missing the ladies by Monday. I figured I’d coast through at least Thursday night. It feels strange to have my brood apart, though I know they are having a blast, and the time here is good for Bryan, me and Owen. Still, I will be glad to have them back tomorrow.

Mom and Owen

Laura was kind enough to take a few photos of me with Owen while she visited last week (more on the aunts’ visits soon!).

Three weeks!

I love him like I’ve known him my whole life.



Backyard visitor


Adding Owen

While back for a second visit last weekend, I asked Mom to add Owen’s name to the family bassinet. This little crib has held four generations within the Stolz family, including Grandma Great, my mom, me and my sister, and now three of my own children.



We were so glad to have Mom and Dave back for a visit—hope to see you again very soon!

Owen and Dad