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Happy birthday, happily ever after

When we arrived at our hotel in Disneyland, Ava received a “happy birthday” button. Over the course of the day, every single Disney employee we encountered stopped to wish her a happy birthday. It must have happened at least a hundred times, although as Ava asserted, it was closer to a zillion (and then, a zillion and one). Even the participants in the parades would stop to greet her. She was speechless, and Bryan has a hard time recalling this part of the trip without tearing up.

We planned a dinner with the Disney Princesses for Wednesday night at Ariel’s Grotto. Ava was slightly disappointed when she found out it wasn’t a private dinner, but it was still pretty exciting.

One by one, the princesses stopped by our table to wish Ava a happy birthday and teach her a few new poses (which as you’ll soon see, she employed more than once during the trip).

Olivia loves Sleeping Beauty, and she was happy to give her a big hug, too. (Never once did I see any of the princesses recoil upon being accosted by a toddler with extremely messy hands. Impressive.)

We had ordered a birthday cake for Ava, which was a big surprise to her. The big surprise for us? Our server made an announcement about her birthday to the entire restaurant, and nearly 200 people sang to her in unison. She seemed in awe of the entire experience…

…but recovered in time to make a wish and blow out her candle.

I imagine it will be hard to top this next year!