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It’s my weekend day, too!

After another extremely hectic week, I opened my eyes this morning to find Bryan setting a cup of coffee on my nightstand, tearing off my covers and flipping on the lights. Apparently, it was 9:30, and 9:30 is TIME TO GET UP.

I came downstairs to find Ava campaigning for a trip to the zoo.

“It’s too cold.”

“The animals went south for the winter.”

“I am not sure the zoo even opens until May…”

Really, though, the reason for sticking around here today is that a weekend at home with no real plans is very rare. And, besides, “no real plans” doesn’t mean we don’t have errands, chores and projects held over from the week.

As Ava bellowed, “It’s my weekend day” over and over, I stopped her and said, “Hey, it’s my weekend day, too.”

At that, she announced that she simply could not live in this house any more, and she was moving. She started to pack up her DVDs, and I reminded her those belonged to our family, and she’d have to leave them for Olivia. She stomped her feet and growled, proclaiming us the most BORING. FAMILY. EVER. (Sometimes it’s hard to remember she’s going to be five and not 13.) “I can’t take it anymore!” she cried.

In an effort to distract her from packing (and to allow myself to return to reading the newspaper quietly), I said, “Here, let me read you your horoscope: ‘Aries: If you feel like taking off, the sooner the bet . . . um, you know what? Nevermind.”

Hope you all enjoy your “weekend days” too!