The week(+) in review

January is off to a crazy start!

Last weekend, Ava hosted sleepover with her best pal, Sophia. Festivities included facials, destroying one’s bedroom and a fluffy new pancake recipe.


Last Monday was a holiday. Sixty degree temps, cocktails on the deck with some of my best pals, lots of bike riding (and crashing), and a KU basketball game made it a pretty great start to the week.


On Tuesday, I secured this once-in-lifetime opportunity…


I also surprised Bryan with a bourbon tasting dinner, thanks to an assist from my favorite sister.

Wednesday marked the first time of many I’ll take three kids to the dentist. (It was also Owen’s first appointment, and it yielded referrals to an orthodontist and periodontist for Olivia, whose college fund may now be spent in other ways…)


That night, a new acquisition arrived for our speed demon.



Despite some very long lines, Thursday was pretty cool, too:


On Friday, Bryan’s parents arrived for a lovely weekend, save for the terrible cold Owen shared with all. Monday was a sick day with lots of morning snuggles, but some rambunctious afternoon play.




Tuesday brought a sweet first grade winter music program, complete with mittens and hats, despite nearly record-breaking warm temperatures.


And what’s on tap for tomorrow? Just a first piano lesson for Ava and Olivia…

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