One of my favorite blogs is known for occasionally submitting “WORDS” in place of actual commentary, as if real sentences can’t do justice to the ridiculousness of the situation. It’s likely an overreaction to do so here as I outline the past couple of weeks, but it’s tempting. If nothing else, it might explain my delay in writing.

Ava had her tonsils out nearly two weeks ago. A couple of days prior to her scheduled surgery, our ENT recommended a third set of tubes for Olivia, who had straight up failed a hearing test at school. The scheduling nurse suggested we bring them into the surgery center on the same day. At first I was reluctant, but in the end, it was hard to argue with the efficiency a joint recuperation created.

Both surgeries went well, and it wasn’t truly stressful until the girls were in recovery. (These were the fourth and fifth surgeries we’ve had as a family with this doctor, and so we knew we were in good hands.) But, it felt worrisome as Bryan and I bounced between post-op rooms, each of us catching only half of the instructions imperative for our patients.

Olivia, who initially–and quite literally–protested surgery, woke with no discomfort and a smile on her face, thanks to a renewed ability to hear. Ava, on the other hand, struggled through strong pain medicine, and resisted the very things that would ease her transition from hospital to home.

Ava continued to do the same (as she’s known to do) for days on end. She would occasionally yield, allowing us to give her pain medication and popsicles without protest. In my experience, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a child in tremendous pain decline obvious remedies. WORDS.

But, the week progressed, and both girls were the beneficiary of incredible generosity: visits, calls, cards, gifts, homemade soup, balloons and even ice cream treats. These helped pass the time, and we were so appreciative of our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbors.

Ava finally returned to school Monday, after 10 days of recovery. She’s nowhere near 100 percent, and I’m surprised she’s made it two full days. But, it seems she’s on the mend, and we are hopeful she will experience far fewer illnesses in the coming year.

This fall has felt like a challenge for more than a handful of reasons, but if nothing else, we know we are fortunate to have tremendous support. Thank you!!


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  1. That remains the cutest protest sign I’ve ever seen. I’m so sorry Ava’s recovery has been so difficult. Poor sweetie! And for the collective stress all of this has put on your household. I love you all so much!

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