Just desserts

Ava found an old issue of Martha Stewart’s  Everyday Food in an Ashland antique store, and she just had to have it. She paid 25 cents of her own money, and has studied most every recipe since.

She’s absolutely determined to make this cake. And, I’m all for baking, but maybe let’s start with a blueberry buckle or a pound cake. (Because, dear MARTHA, this is not EVERYDAY FOOD). Moreover, she’s making it with the cream puffs, which will of course be filled with raspberry cream. It’s the weekend, and what else is there to do, really?


I forgot to mention, she’s making two—one for brunch with Tom and Katie, and one to take to her grandparents. Two entire cakes, each with 30 cream puffs. NBD.

Send wine; stay posted. In the meantime, let’s hope she doesn’t find the 15 years of Living back issues I have stashed in the basement.

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