Eight years later…

Last night, a storm with 70 mph winds roared through town. We watched from the west-facing window in our closet upstairs, startled to see straight-line winds of this strength. We knew we we had damage (and missing patio furniture), but it wasn’t until this morning we could see the full extent.

For the most part, our damage was limited to large branches, rather than completely uprooted trees. Compared to our neighbors, I suppose, we were fortunate—no damage to the house as far as we can tell, and we located the patio furniture with no trouble.

We were very sad to see a large branch down on the tree next to our house, though, and several more in the creek.

Earlier this summer, we were remarking on just how much those trees had grown in the past few years. I came across the small black and white photo in the corner below while working on our 15th anniversary photo collage. I think I took it the day we moved into this house, just a bit more than eight years ago.

The progress is pretty remarkable.


One response to this post.

  1. Sorry about the lost limbs. They will regenerate before you know it . . . I just hope the Mad Greek isn’t pissed off . . .

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